Business Protection | Territory
Your territory is under reliable protection
Perimeter security. Territory obtains video surveillance system, which is made for video monitoring from television control post(central station) to watch perimeter and prevent trespassing by unauthorized individuals
Monthly payment: from 3 000 RUB

Preventing trespassing to the territory will be solved by following steps of physical security:

1) Posts- I.D- control checkpoints

2) Practical problem solving, related to company of I.D – controlling regime, being signed as “ Circumstances of I.D – controlling regime”. These circumstances determines set of organizational right limits and rules, which makes proper routine of checking in at I.D controlling points for employees, visitors, vehicles and material needs

Equipment set from 19 900 RUB

Control with mobile App
  • Door-opening sensor
    Alarms during opening
  • Motion sensor
    Reacting on human motion, but ignoring pets
  • Smoke detector
    Noticing even minimum smoke
  • Water-leak sensor
    Installed at the bottom of wall, alarms when contacts with water
  • Alarm button
    request fast reaction team
If you already have equipment package from different company, switching it to us is free

  • If there is an issue or error, engineer will arrive on the same day
  • Equipment installing from two hours
  • Installing of remote video monitoring is available
  • It's posiible to install a perimeter security alarm system