Business Protection | Store
Your store is under reliable protection
We guarantee: (1) Decrease the number of steals. (2) Property protection for store employees. (3) Preventing conflicts between customers and workers. (4) High quality protection from brak-ins.
Monthly payment: from 3 000 RUB

Equipment set from 10 500 RUB

Control with mobile App
  • Door-opening sensor
    Alarms during opening
  • Motion sensor
    Reacting on human motion, but ignoring pets
  • Smoke detector
    Noticing even minimum smoke
  • Water-leak sensor
    Installed at the bottom of wall, alarms when contacts with water
  • Alarm button
    request fast reaction team
If you already have equipment package from different company, switching it to us is free

  • If there is an issue or error, engineer will arrive on the same day
  • Installing of remote video monitoring is available
  • Equipment installing from two hours